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What Happens To You Pavers Over Time?

Depending on where your pavers are many problems can cause them to deteriorate over time. For instance, pavers that go around pools can build up mold in the cracks and driveway pavers can get dirty, the color fades, sand fillings disappear, and weeds grow up through the cracks. Pavers are a lifetime investment, and they need regular maintenance so that they can keep their lifetime value and when your pavers don’t get adequately maintained their overall appeal loses its impact. Here is some common issue that effects pavers:

  • Mold
  • Dirt
  • Weeds
  • Missing Sand Fillings
  • faded color
A Driveway With Clean Pavers

Our Paver Sealing Process

To properly seal pavers we first follow an intensive cleaning list. First, your pavers need to get weeded, debris removed from between the joints, and pressure washed with our Professional Water Based Sealer solution to remove mold, dirt, and stains. By doing this we help restore the original look of a freshly installed paver that’s clean and clear of debris. Then we re-sand your pavers to fill in the joints and to keep weeds coming from back up and debris collecting in them. The Final step is to re-seal you pavers so that everything is colorful and fresh just like new. It’s also important to have a professional clean your pavers since just pressure washing them can damage the integrity of the concrete, here at ProTeam Home Services, we make sure your lifetime investment stays protected and durable for its whole life.

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