3 Tips To Keeping Your Home Clean With Pets

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Keeping your home clean with pets can turn into a chore. There is much to love about pets, but the mess they leave behind isn’t one of them. Depending on your type of home, each person can struggle with different kinds of messes. There are carpet homes, where allergins and stains can build up in your carpet. There are tile homes where dirty grout and scratched tile can diminish that sleek look. Pet dirt can affect your chairs, couches, and even your appliances. However, there is still hope to live in a clean home and also have a pet. Here are 3 tricks and tips to keeping your home looking pet free, while still enjoying the perks of having a pet.

1.Daily Cleaning

The easiest way to reduce the mess that pets leave is to clean daily. When you dedicate a little time every day, it saves a lot of time doing a major clean when things get out of hand. This also helps reduces allergens in your home and makes it easier for those with pet allergies to breath easier. Here are some of the daily task that can be done every day pretty quickly:

  1. Vacuum carpet
  2. Vacuum/wipe down couches and other furniture your pet uses
  3. Sweep and quick mop floors
  4. Just by doing these tasks every day you will significantly reduce the mark your pet leaves in your home.

2. Remove Stains

Pets have accidents, that’s a given for everyone to understand about owning a pet. There are many kinds of stains your pet can leave behind that can be hard to get rid of. Depending on the stain, there are many homemade solutions you can use to reduce the visibility of them quickly. Below are some tips for taking care of pets stains without requiring too much time and effort.

  1. Time is essential, the quicker you can get to any stain the easier it will be to get rid of it.
  2. Decide what type of stain it is and use the appropriate solutions. Some stains require store-bought chemicals, others you can make at home following some d.i.y guides.
  3. Schedule a deep clean to make sure the smell does not build up and become noticeable.

3. Pet Grooming

A big way to help keep a clean home with a pet is to keep a clean pet. Make plans to wash your pet when needed, so they don’t track dirt into your house. If you want to take your pet out to walk, bring a towel so you can wipe them down before you bring them back inside. There are also wet wipes available at the pet store to wipe down cats. Daily grooming can reduce shedding and help keep your floors and furniture clean of fur. Make a routine with your pet, so they know when its bathroom time or make sure to clean the little box for cats daily to reduce bad odors. As you can see, there are many quick and easy habits to have that can really reduce the presence of your animals.

Routine Deep Cleaning

Daily home cleaning  with pets

Making an effort to deep clean your home at least once a month will also impact how clean your home can be. The general cleaning every day helps reduces the pet smell in between visits, but deep cleaning ensures that anything missed during your daily cleaning won’t build up to be a problem. Hiring Professional cleaners to take care of your carpets and furniture helps save you time and money. Professional cleaning services come with their own cleaning supplies and equipment, so you don’t have to buy different professional cleaning tools. They also know how to take care of any problematic stains that you might be having issues with.

Pro Team Home Services offers monthly Interior and exterior cleaning services that can ensure to help keep your home clean with pets. Our workers are quick and professional with customer service being one of the main goals aside from cleaning your home. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to get your home cleaned today (407) 883-8834.

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