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Perks Of Professional Cleaning vs. Roomba

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There are many pros and cons to using an automated cleaner like a Roomba. The question though is can they hold their own against a human when it comes to clean floors. Also, what is the cost-benefit of a Roomba vs. the cost of maintaining a professional cleaning service? There are many debates about the future of automated cleaning replacing professional cleaning services altogether, but how soon in the future is that and is it worth the investment now.

Pros Of Using A Roomba

For those that don’t frequent their home often it can be hard hiring a professional service since no one will be home to let them in. That’s where a Roomba can come into play. Leaving one to roam around when you are gone takes away some of the stress of letting strangers into your home to clean when you’re away. Also setting them to run when your not home means you don’t have to hear them running.

Roomba Cons

One of the biggest cons of using a Roomba is that it is automated. No matter how fancy and expensive you buy one, technology has not yet gotten to the point where they can completely replace the human eye. As an everyday general cleaner, they can do well enough, but it would still be wise to deep clean the parts that a Roomba can’t get. There are limits to what they can do. For instance, homes like this may cause problems:

  • Multi-story house
  • Stairs
  • Step-down dens
  • Spaces smaller than the Roomba
  • Crevices along the baseboards

Cost Analysis

Cheaper Roombas are available, but some can still have a hefty price tag. On average you could be spending anywhere from $300 – $1000 depending on what brand and how many bells and whistles it has. Now, many would think that paying one lump sum for a Roomba is better than monthly expenses for a cleaning service. However, although you only have to buy a Roomba once you still may find yourself having to deep clean your floors on top of having a Roomba. Therefore, you are no longer saving time and money and may end up hiring a professional service to clean what the Roomba can’t.

Perks Of Professional Cleaners

Professional Cleaning Woman

Now comes the opposition, are professional cleaners a better investment than a Roomba? The answer is simple, yes. The main reasoning behind professional cleaners outweighing a Roomba is that you can get more bang for your buck. When you hire a service, most of the time they are there to clean your whole house, not just your floors. They also come with experience on how to take care of stains and areas that a Roomba can’t handle as of right now.

Final Say: Professional Cleaners And The Roomba

There are some nice perks of having a Roomba as an every day little cleaner, but they can’t clean everything. So they may not be able to replace people yet, but they can be a great assistant in keeping a clean home. Professional cleaners may be a monthly cost and can’t go into your house when your not there, but for deep cleaning your home there is no comparison against the Roomba.

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