Benefits of deep cleaning your kitchen?

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Of all the places in someone’s home, the kitchen is one of the spaces that should always get cleaned. Wiping the counters and taking out the trash is an easy task to keep up with, but deep cleaning your kitchen provides both mental and health benefits for everyone. Many bacteria and germs can build up in the small crevices and inside your appliances, like salmonella and E. Coli. However, deep cleaning your kitchen and giving it the TLC that it needs can reduce the risk of getting sick. Getting into more detail, here are some reasons why deep cleaning is worth it:

Deep Cleaning Trouble Spots

Many people miss the tight crevices when they do their everyday cleanups in the kitchen. Keep in mind during your deep clean about spaces like where the stove meets the counters, the inside of the cabinets, the seams around your sink, refrigerator doors, and any others space you might think usually gets looked over. Remembering even these few spaces will help increase the overall health of your kitchen and brighten up your space.

Kitchen Appliances

Another often missed part of the kitchen cleaning routine is the appliances. Many appliances come with in-depth cleaning instructions to help prolong their life and quality of performance. For instance, if you have a Keurig, you should run a mix of water and vinegar through it to keep the internal lines clean. There are also the many parts of your stove that require just as much attention. Depending on the stove you have, cleaning not only the top is needed but also the vent, the area where it meets the counter, the oven, underneath the coils if it’s not a flat surface, and the control panel. Including your appliances into your deep clean will make them safer to use for longer and give you peace of mind about whether that new coffee brand taste weird or if your Keurig is dirty.

How Cleaning Effect Food Prep

Have plans for making dinner for your guest? If your Kitchen has already appropriately been deep cleaned and organized then prepping food to make becomes much more accessible. Clean counters mean you don’t have to worry about setting things down and not being able to use them since it’s dirty.  It means having confidence that the appliances you are using will work correctly and are as clean as possible. Also, when your kitchen is already neatly put away its easier to find where your appliances are and when you are ready to use them there is plenty of space for you to set up.

Why Use A Professional Service

Some people can explain away why hiring a service may be a waste of money, but there are many benefits in letting professionals clean your home. At Pro Team Home Services we deep clean your kitchen following our 32 point checklist. We take care of areas like:

  • Inside and outside of cabinets
  • Sinks
  • Inside and out of the microwave
  • Small appliances
  • Light fixtures
  • Oven exterior
  • Refrigerator exterior
  • Stovetop & vent hood
  • Kitchen floor
  • Trash Can

We have a standard efficient routine with proper cleaning solutions and tools that help us get the job done quickly and without using too many chemicals.

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