Benefits of pressure washing our home

Pressure Washing: What are the benefits?

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Over the years it’s inevitable that your house will build up with dirt and grime. The elements outside can blow up dust and rain against the side of your house which can cause mildew and leave stains. However, removing stains is possible through pressure washing. There are many other benefits to pressure washing your home as well, listed below are some of the perks.

Curb Appeal

Many homes start to look dingy and lose their shine in the neighborhood over time. A great way to make your home sparkle again is to pressure wash the exterior. Dirt and stains can alter the color of your house and cause your paint to deteriorate faster. Damaged paint will chip and fall off costing you a pretty penny to fix it. So before it gets that bad give Pro Team Home Services a call and we’ll professionally pressure wash your home. We’ll get rid of those dark stains and dirt. We’ll rejuvenate your home and bring back its curb appeal by making your home look freshly repainted.

Roof Cleaning

Your roof is also affected by the elements and can suffer damage as well if not properly cleaned and maintained. Over time the dirt, mildew, and debris can build up affecting the integrity of your roof. Here are some of the effects of dirt buildup on your roof:

  • Mildew can seep through your roof into your attic spreading to the inside of your house.
  • Dirt and debris can damage the water channels and interfere with your roof’s water channels.
  • Build up of fallen leaves, dirt, and debris create a haven for bugs to thrive.

It’s vital that you hire a professional to clean your roof. If done incorrectly you can damage your roof even further. However, with Pro Team Home Services we’ll make sure we properly clean your roof with a satisfaction guarantee.

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure washer

Paver Pressure Washing

Oil stains, rust, dirt, and mold can also all build up on your pavers. This build-up can dampen the appeal of your beautiful pavers and even cause them to deteriorate fast. Since most pavers are driveways, walkways, pool decks, and patios it can be dangerous to leave mold, algae, and mildew unattended. When wet they become slippery and can cause falls. It’s also critical to have a professional come out and service your pavers since each type of stains might require a technique and specialized solutions. We use F9 BARCS concrete rust and stain remover, and with our method, we promise you’ll see the best results possible.

Homeowners Insurance

Your insurance company also likes to see that you’re taking care of your property correctly so that it can withstand the elements. Also, washing your home is required by some homeowners Associations since your home is not allowed to impact the value of the neighborhood. Hiring a professional to come out can revitalize, clean, and protect your home from the elements and is a fantastic way to keep them and you happy.

Need to get your home pressure washed? Pro Team Home Services promises 100% satisfaction in quality and customer service. Contact us today (407) 883-8834.

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